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He had to bear our sin, and there He died, and on Calvary when that old bee and death once anchored its stinger. Anyone knows, when a bee anchors its stinger, it can’t sting no more. When the bee flies away or any insect that stings, when he anchors his stinger, he pulls the stinger out. He’s still a bee but he hasn’t got a stinger. The only thing he can do is buzz and make a lot of noise. That’s the only thing that death can do to the believer, is make a lot of noise. But, hallelujah, blessed be the Name of the Lord, He anchored that stinger of death in His own flesh. Emmanuel did it. Rose up again, on the third day, shook the stinger out of there, and is Immortal tonight. And His Spirit is in this building, and He proves Hisself alive among us. That’s our Messiah. That’s our blessed Saviour.
57-0828 - Hebrews, Chapter Two #3
Rev. William Marrion Branham